How to test rules to see how many hits that rule generates?

Hi all - I am working on cleaning up my organization's page rules. Some rules seem duplicative/unnecessary but I want to confirm that with data before I delete them.

How can I either 1) return data for a rule directly or 2) clone a page so I can delete/change rules as a "test"?



  • Starting off with the easy part of your question, you cannot duplicate a Page tag simply within the UI.  You will need to create a tag by the usual methods, either through the Untagged URL page or the Visual Designer itself.  However, once you have a Page Tag to use, you can update the Rule for that Page tag within the Pendo UI.

    There are three ways that I would test for duplicative Rules for pages:

    1. The first is easy, by just looking at the Rules.  If the Rules match, then you know they are grabbing the same Page data.
    2. If you have a particular URL you are concerned about being duplicated between the tags, you can use the 'Test Rule' option within the Page tag details view to test the URL against both rules to see if the URL is captured by both tags.
    3. Lastly, and probably more involved, would be to create a new Page tag and add all Rules from both original Page tags in question.  Let that calculate and see if the number of Page Views change between the three Page tags.  Since Tags are buckets for Raw Events, there is no way for there to be duplicate entries within a single tag. So if your new tag has more events than either of the other tags, then it is a super set of the two other tags combined.  If it has the same number of events as the other tags, then the Rules align and are duplicates of each other.

    Beyond testing for duplication - I would advise you consider how your tags are intended to be used.  If you have two tags that are being used to answer two separate questions - you can ask if the one tag should be able to answer both questions or if there is an expectation that these would be collecting two separate sets of data points.  If you don't have a question directly answered by this tag, then I would argue it might not be needed until such a question arises - thereby clearing some unnecessary clutter from your tags list.  Remember, with Pendo's retroactive analytics the creation of a tag looks back through your data history - so you can delete all tags and then recreate them one by one to no ill effect outside of the process of recreation.  It is more important that your tags drive insights, rather than just tagging everything for the sake of data.

  • Thank you so much for the in-depth response! To clarify - I'm actually less concerned about duplicate rules and more concerned about "dead" rules. These rules were made a couple years ago and our URLs have changed a bit since then, so I want to clean-up the rules that are no longer current / capturing data.

    Is there any way to create a new Page tag for a URL that has already been tagged? I don't see an avenue to do that in either the Untagged URL Page or the Visual Designer.

  • Ah!  Yes, for any dead rules, I often look at my Tags and sort my "Page Views" or "Feature Clicks" ascending to identify any Tags that have not been utilized within the past 60-90 days and need investigation.

    As for tagging a Page that has already been tagged, you should be able to Tag a page any number of times via the Visual Designer.  For example, in the image below we have two tags under the 'Current URL', but are still able to select the "Tag Page" button in the bottom of the dialog.


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