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We are looking to create our first In-app feature for mobile. However, I'd like to confirm a few things.

Reading the FAQ page, I came across this page: to confirm, is this up to date? My team is interested in the conditional rating option but I don't quite see this on my end. 

I also reviewed this FAQ page: and I do see the current "Open in-app rating Guide Dismiss" I'd love to understand how do we get this set up?

  • Do we need our development team to set up the feature?
  • Once that is setup, how can I create the "star" feature for reviews?

Please let me know if I'm not clear on my end. Thank you so much for your time!



  • Hello, 

    The V1-related staff is pretty much deprecated, so you can ignore this page. 

    Regarding the setup: it's not "editable" as it is mostly provided by the OS/Appstore. The idea is to attach an action (Open in-app rating + Dismiss guide) to any button in an existing guide. 

    Once the visitor will click the button the current guide is dismissed and the In-App rating dialog is opened*. 

    The catchy thing - it's not always open as described in the policy section. 

    Hope it helps! :) 

  • Thank you Yuri! 


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