Guide isn't scrolling

Has anyone had issues with not being able to scroll with a guide open? I've had a scrollbar show intermittently on my desktop version, but I can't scroll at all on mobile. Is it a glitch or is there something I need to make sure to set?



  • I did find a solution, if you're using an HTML block - 

    add this to CSS

    #pendo-guide-container {
    overflow: scroll!important;
    max-height: 75vh!important;

    Adjust max-height as needed.

  • Hi, Melinda Kozel. It doesn't look like anyone has had the same experience here. We recommend reaching out to to see if they can help with troubleshooting!

  • We are facing the same issue on desktop device as well. Any resolution on this? Erica Akroyd Melinda Kozel


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