Tech Note: At the end of my multi-step guide, can I automatically launch the Resource Center?

Yes, but it requires using a custom code block building block and some custom code.

1) Find the guide ID for your Resource Center. 

  • In Pendo, go to Guides > Resource Center. If you have multiple Resource Centers in your subscription (if you have more than one product), click into the one that matches your product.
  • Look at the URL. Look for the unique ID at the end. In this image below, it's 'HHOUnvbAZJprZiwPcsM1gEQfE5g'. That is the ID for my Resource Center. You will have a different ID.

2) Go to the guide that you want to modify and open it in the Designer. 

3) Add a new guide step to the end. 

4) Add the custom code block to the new guide step. 

5) In the Javascript tab of the code block, add this code:


Make sure to replace 'XXX' with the Guide ID for the Resource Center that you found in step #1. 

Here's what it looks like for my example:

When the visitor gets to the last guide step, the custom code will automatically open the Resource Center. Only one guide can be displayed at a time, so when the Resource Center is opened, it will also dismiss the original guide. 

The last guide step will be completely invisible to the user. 




  • Thanks for sharing this Angela-Holly!

  • Thanks, Angela-Holly! I did have to add this line of code pendo.onGuideDismissed(); before your line of code to make the final guide step disappear and only have the Resource Center appear.   


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