We have a Hybrid mobile application and need to understand native app vs mobile OS browser vs desktop engagement with specific features.

We are struggling to find a single reporting solution or 1 report/widget to help us easily monitor the engagement of specific features/pages or parts of our application. 


we have a native mobile application that's hybrid some parts are native, 80% are web views in the native container that load as an instance of our desktop responsive view. 

Business Objective: We want to understand and validate # of users that use single access or multiple access when engaging with our products. We want to be able to identify the overlapping users so we can improve their experience as they move between devices. 

Stats we are trying to get to in a single view/report or dashboard inside of pendo

  1. Mobile App logged-in users engaging with product-specific features 
  2. Mobile users that use Mobile Native App + Mobile browsers to access our product features 
  3. Desktop OS Browser only users
  4. Desktop + mobile native app users
  5. Desktop + mobile native app + mobile browser users

We tried the following:

  • using dashboard widgets - visitor overview, devices, OS, Browsers and segments - but it is not clear enough to pinpoint the users moving between multiple 
  • tried Data Explorer 
  • tried visitor report but are left with a large CSV file that we then need to use Excel to figure out (takes to much time and not sure how accurate the data results are since Pendo only returns most recent OS, Browser, Device type but I need historical) 



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