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I'm creating a multi-page walkthrough, and there's a step in the process where the user uploads an attachment into a field (either via click or drag). Once the file is uploaded, the page automatically redirects to the next step in the process (which is choosing settings about the attachment). 

Because the page automatically redirects, I cannot use a button to move to the next step, but if I use a click or hover action, the user may not be able to upload the CSV before the next step appears. Is there a way to trigger the next step to appear automatically after the page proceeds? 



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  • Hey Abby, 

    Some more information on multi page walkthroughs here in the Pendo Academy.

    Some key things to ensure would be:

    • user clicks 'got it' before they upload the attachment (so guide advances to next step)
    • next step is set to page location for the page where the user gets automatically redirected, so next step doesn't appear until user arrives at next step.

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