How can my UX team leverage Pendo?

UX teams can leverage Pendo guides, particularly guides, in a number of ways:

  1. Validate prototypes in-app
  2. Assess feature level usability and value
  3. Improve UX and user onboarding

This presentation provides recipes for all three of these use cases in Pendo. 



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  • This is great!

    I would like to suggest also adding information for UX'ers,

    1. how to use Guides to test different types of content in the guide? ie. text support, video support, pdf downloads, etc. 
    2. How to test different onboarding experiences to drive product or feature adoption & engagement ? 
    3. In-product marketing utilizing Segments to target users to offer personalized up-selling and recommendations to get the most out of your product. 
    4.  Benefits of using Guide Conversion to understand if the guide is doing its job, and using Guide Experimentation 



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