Issue with Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0 and higher

We have been experiencing an issue with Android Gradle Plugin 7.2.0 and higher on debug builds in runtime.
The error seen is - java.lang.VerifyError
We are looking into a solution, and meanwhile we suggest a workaround, downgrading to AGP 7.1.3.



  • Official comment

    Hi Phillip, we're still on it, will update as soon as there is any change. 

  • Has there been any movement on this issue? Thanks!

  • Phillip,

    Any changes you can share a minimum project where the issue can be reproduced? Maybe a github link, nothing special just the minimum to run it and reproduce it.


  • We have found a temporary work around and the cause for this issue - 

    1. A current workaround is removing the following properties which are under BuildTypes in build.gradle of the app)

      1. testCoverageEnabled

      2. or enableAndroidTestCoverage (Android Gradle 7.3 and above)

    2. These properties are only important when running coverage tests.

    3. testCoverEnabled is deprecated starting Android Gradle Plugin 7.3.
      it is replaced by - enableAndroidTestCoverage and enableUnitTestCoverage.
      the same crash will appear when using enableAndroidTestCoverage.

  • A fix has been released. Please take SDK/plugin 2.19.1 and later. 


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