On iOS mobile target is not as expected

Client : iOS SDK - Version -
App : Native iOS using UIKit only
Test deice : iOS 15.3.1

I have created a guide that I need to target to the 3rd tab on the screen, we have 3 tabs as of now in the app.
I set the target as the 3rd tab(calendar tab), but when testing, the target is always the 2nd tab(the search tab).
I tried to set the target to 1st tab and still while testing the guide appears on the 2nd tab.
I have not even set the "feature name" for the 2nd tab and yet guide point to it.

please let us know how to fix this.
PS: We tried targeting a navigation bar button(the button on the top bar) and it was shown correct. So it seems the problem with the bottom bar/tab bar buttons.


How this looks on device




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