EEK-HELP! LiverPerson Chat Integration (via Sandbox Module) Not Showing Up in Resource Center

Trying to integrate LivePerson chat into Resource Center utilizing the Sandbox Module. 

LivePerson requires 2 code snippets to function:

1. A javascript snippet placed in the <head> element.
2. An html element acting as a tag for the javascript snippet. Ex.<div id="lp"></div> 

Issue: I have verified that the javascript snippet is in the <head> of our web app. And I have verified that an html element is placed within the HTML tab of the Sandbox Module. However, when I test the Resource Center in staging and navigate through the Resource Center to the Live Person chat module - the chat element doesn't appear. 

Suspicion: On page load the javascript runs as expected. I suspect that the html element I've embedded in the Sandbox Module is missed entirely, as it isn't placed into the source code at this point in the users interaction. In other words, it isn't until a user navigates through the Resource Center to the location of the chat element itself that the html is inserted into the source code. Long after the javascript has looked for it. I can verify that LivePerson is otherwise working fine as I have a another instance living on our web app that works correctly.

Solution: I am looking for help, insight or even a solution that could fix this suspected misalignment. I am unsure if there is a scripting solution that could be placed within the Sandbox Module to force the javascript to re-run upon user click?

- can give more detailed information upon request - 





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