How can I target more than one link on a guide?

There are many areas of our system where the user can run a search and display a list of results, e.g., searching for people and displaying a list of people. The actual people will be different in each customer's system. We'd like a guide that does something like this:

  1. Run a search.
  2. In the search result, click *any person*.
  3. Do more things.

I can't figure out how to make the guide advance to the next step regardless of which person the user clicks. 



  • Hey Ian,

    It seems like the Pendo Tagging Aid Chrome Extension could help here!

    The tagging aid allows you to highlight any element in your UI and it shows you all of the available selectors that you could use to target the guide step to. In this case, Pendo could be suggesting something like a text contains rule that could be too specific to advance the guide for a click on any person. 

    I would recommend targeting the tagging aid to a person that comes up in the search results and attempting to build a rule that is general enough to target any search result. This will all depend on the available selectors but could be worth a try! 

    If you aren't familiar with the tagging aid, there is a helpful video in it that shows how you can use it! 



  • Hi Ryan,

    Thanks — I should have mentioned that I already tried that. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like in our app (all demo data):

    The Tagging Aid would help me if I needed the user to click on a particular name regardless of the underlying ID value (in which case I'd use the "contains..." tag). But in this instance, I want the user to click on any of the names listed in the "Constituent" column and continue from there. I don't think the Tagging Aid will help. 

    Any ideas on how to accomplish that?

  • Got it! The only other option I can think of is to potentially highlight the whole column to just capture any click in that entire area if it allows you to. This way, it would just advance the guide as long as they click somewhere in the constituents column. 

  • Gotcha. Yeah, that would work fine, I think. I was unable to target the whole column either using the regular 'target' feature in the designer or the Tagging Aid. 

    I tried adding a backdrop and expanding the click area. That seems like it should work in the designer but when I run it as a user, clicking any of those names takes me to the page (which I have tagged) but the next step doesn't load. I haven't used the 'expandable area' feature before. Am I using it correctly? 

    Are there other ways to accomplish this, do you think?

  • Adding a final post here in case this helps someone else. I did figure out a way to accomplish what I needed via Zack from Pendo support. The answer is that I couldn't use the 'click here' action. Rather:

    1. Add a lightbox tooltip telling the user to click any name. Supply an "Okay" or "Next" button that advances to the next step.
    2. Add a step attached to the next page. In my example, it would be a student detail screen, tagged using the link builder to ignore the specific student ID value.
    3. Then when the user clicks on any name, the guide will simply pick up there, as if that next step were just 'waiting' for the user to get to the right page. 

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