Countdown Clock

Hi all, is there a widget or product functionality where I can create a visible user-facing count-down clock?


We are moving customers over to a new site soon and want to make that visible.  



  • Hey Sara, 

    One thing you could consider is embedding a count-down clock within a guide via a custom code block.  I've given a snippet from this knowledge base article below. 

    Depending on how often you'd like the guide to surface you may also consider using Repeat Guide Display to display the guide a few times leading up to the switchover. 

    Custom Code

    Visual Design Studio is made to be more user-friendly for non-technical users, but the Code Block allows technical users to code custom content and behavior in their Guides. When you edit a code block, you will see an Edit Code module where you can enter HTML, CSS, and Javascript that executes when the guide step containing the code displays. Learn more about Code Blocks

    Note: You can only have 1 code block per Guide step. The code block will execute when the guide step displays and the code can impact anything in the guide or app.

  • Charles Helms thank you!

  • Does anyone have a code block that displays a count down clock? It is good to know this is possible, but it would also be helpful to see the code.


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