Data Explorer: New Field in Breakdown Table - "Row Summary"

Hi all, 

I've been using Data Explorer for a while and have only noticed today that there appears to be a new table column shown, labelled "Row Summary"?

Can anyone provide any insight on what this actually is? Can't find any guidance on help docs or commuity.   



  • Hi all,

    I got the same question as I was wondering why the "Row summary" is often not the same summary as counted out of the listed numbers.

    Help and hints are highly appreciated. 

    Thank you in advance.

  • Would it make sense as unique users over that period? While each column the unique users for that date?

  • I agree--we need documentation surrounding how the "Row Summary" field is calculated. There's often a LARGE discrepancy between the column data (average per user/week) and the average/user for the row summary. The Row Summary often seems to be higher than any of the values in the weekly data...


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