Is it possible to change the step a guide goes to with advance on element click?

I want to be able to control which step of a guide is next when the preceding guide has a advance on element click. I don't want the guide to always advance to the next step with advance on element click. I can't seem to figure out how to do that. Is there a way to do that or work around available?

(I'm looking for similar functionality where I can control a button to go to a certain step when clicked but just for the advance on element click function of a guide.)



  • Hi Urja Kohli this functionality can be achieved using buttons and in some cases using a custom code block.

    When you add buttons to the guide it gives you the option to select the step you want to go.

  • Rohit Pandey can you be more specific about adding buttons? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. I've been trying to achieve this all day!

  • Rohit Pandey I know I can use buttons but I want the guide to advance when a user actually clicks the targeted element. Instead of it going to the next step I want the advance on element click to got to step 3 instead of step 2 for example.

  • Kerri Therit You can add a button to the guide and control the functionality of the button within the guide step to go to another step.

  • Urja Kohli here is a similar post by another user

    I am trying something similar for my app as well, in case if that works I'll share the code with you as well.


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