Mobile Usage - Days Active

Within Pendo, what is the definition of "days active" for a Mobile user? 



  • In mobile (and in all Pendo analytics for that matter) we count days active by counting the number of 24 hour periods that we received at least 1 event from that visitor ID. The activity does not have to be on a tagged page or feature - just that they signed into your application and Pendo was initialized and sent events. This is the same for both web and mobile. 

    The mobile SDK also has logic built into it to know when the application that Pendo is installed on goes into the background (is not being actively used) and does not send events (or track things like time on page) during the times that the app has been in the background. So if the application is in the background for multiple days - without the user interacting with it - we would not count that time towards the days active for the visitor. 

  • Wonderful, thank you Todd-Stoffer


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