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We're in the process of converting our user reporting from Google Analtyics over to Pendo and there was a question today about whether or not Pendo reports on 'impressions' or 'views'. 

My understanding is, unless is can be tagged it can't be tracked. Is this correct? 



  • Hi Suzi,

    Thanks for the question! In addition to tagging a page or feature to obtain the analytics in the Pendo UI, you can also send a Track Event to Pendo. Track event is a method to consider if something can't be tagged in your application.

    A Track Event is a programmatic way of telling Pendo an action occurred at a specific time, and associating that event with a specific visitor & account. These events can be server-side for things like an API being called, an email being sent to a user, or other server events. In addition, you can pass client/browser side events such as browser error, download complete, or other events that aren’t automatically captured as click or page load events. Track events are not retroactive. You will involve the engineering team to help set up track events and get them pushed to Pendo. For more information, please refer to this article for more information on the use case: 

    Hopefully the above helps! 



  • Thank you Ke! 

  • Hi Ke, 

    In terms of the page views, are you able to export page views by URL into a CSV? Our team has tagged the URL's but because there are potentially 1000's of parameters attached to a tagged URL we need the ability to export by URL or parameter.


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