Tracking metrics on Code Block elements


We are trying to track the number of clicks on a code block element we created which consists of 2 cards linking to different external sources. We want it displays in the "guide metrics" page within the guide details section. 

Can this be done? or how can we track the clicks on these code block elements?



  • Hi Darach!

    Thanks for your question! Where is the code block element created? is it created in a custom code block in a Pendo guide or is it a code block (as in an element) in your application? Hoping to gather more information so I can better advise. 



  • I have the same question. For me, i'm using a Pendo code element added to an announcement within the resource center. The code block presents a search box to the user and returns a short list of top results within the announcement.

    I want to track the following:

    1. How many users are clicking the search box
    2. What search terms are being entered via event-properties
    3. What result users are clicking from the list
  • Hi All,


    Any update here?


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