Grouping features

Hi everyone,

How do you group features/events together so they measured as one?

A custom event that includes a number of events/features in it.





  • Hello Etai Feidelman - the best way to accomplish this is to build a separate Page or Feature tag that contains the rules tied with the individual tags your'e looking to aggregate.  For example, consider I have the following three pages:

    Apples = "//*/apples"
    Oranges = "//*/oranges"
    Bananas = "//*/bananas"

    Each of these distinctly measures traffic to their respective pages independently.  However, if I wanted to review these Page Views in aggregate, I could create the following Page.

    Fruit = "//*/apples" , "//*/oranges" , "//*/bananas"

    In practice, this would look like the following and can be done for both Pages and Features.

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Hi, could someone please help me with related problem?

    We solved the absence of feature/page groups in exactly the way mentioned above. But we have a problem with the fact that such a feature/page affects our other statistics. This aggregated feature/page logically appropriates the percentages in the overviews of adoption and the most used features/pages on our dashboard and in other views. It creates duplication in the data.

    How to solve this please? Do you always create and immediately delete aggregated feature for data evaluation? Or is there a way to hide it or filter it out?



  • There is no way to do this today, unfortunately.  But this is a good ask.  I've created a Feedback Request to track this (link) and I encourage you to add your comments to that thread to share your input for our Product team.


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