Segment based on session steps

Hello there,
We wanted to segment users based on a series of steps followed in a single session.
For example, a segment of people who visit page A and then on Page B in a single session in the last 30 days.
What is the best approach to find this out? Any particular condition that will help?



  • Hey Ishwar Gupta,

    You should be able to do that with funnel analysis. I've included a screenshot below, you would just set it as Page A for Step 1 and Page B for Step 2. There's a bottom portion that you can change for your definition of "single session" (by default it's 60 mins).

  • Thanks Angus Yang for the help. We wanted to create a segment of such users. Now, if we manually download and upload these visitors' data, it would be a lot of manual effort. Is there a way to create them dynamically in Pendo?

  • Ishwar Gupta I don't believe that's possible at the moment, but there is an open feature request for it here. Upvoting this will help our team prioritize and you'll automatically get any updates if this changes status.


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