How to tag a URL that redirects?

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We need to tag a URL that redirects users to a certain page of our website. The user clicks on the link in our email campaign, lands on this URL for a second and immediately gets redirected to the login or dashboard page of our website. This URL is not logged in the "Untagged URLs" in Pendo. But is there still a way to tag it? 




  • This is a great use case - and one of the few ways to track when a user comes into the application from an Email campaign vs other methods.  This should be do-able, but there are a few things I'd look for first.

    The fact that this doesn't show up in your Untagged URLs tells me one of two things.  Either you're not tracking this URL or you're already tracking this URL.  The best, sure-fire way to prove Pendo is capturing this data is actually to create a dedicated Page tag with a rule that would match.  Even if there are other rules that would match these events, a dedicated Page tag should display those events.

    Once you know you're capturing data and have a dedicated Page tag, this may be sufficient for you.  But I would personally be interested in reviewing my Page Rules to see if there are any Rules with abundant wildcard characters that might be picking up on this redirect URL unexpectedly.  This would have prevented the URL from appearing in Untagged URLs.  Something like "//*/**" can be handy in certain situations, but can also kill the utility of Untagged URLs because everything is technically tagged.  If there is a rule that is close, then you can use the "Test URL" function within the Page to validate if the redirect URL is, in fact, a match.

    If you aren't seeing any events for this traffic, then it may be that Pendo is not initialized on that redirect URL.  This would be something to chat with your engineering team about.  There could be an order of operations issue here where you may try to load Pendo on that URL, but the redirect happens before Pendo loads.  Or it may just be that Pendo isn't on that page at all and needs to be added.

  • I think I'm having the same issue.

    Our logout is a redirect. So that when users hit (via a button), they're logged out and redirected back to the login page.

    I was curious to see how many users actually logged out but don't see that page in the "Untagged URLs" like the original question.

    Is it possible that redirects aren't tagged? It makes sense because I feel like Pendo would need a full page load to be able to track the page. Maybe a redirect wouldn't provide the time and space for Pendo to initialize?

    On the other hand, since logout is a button, I think we should be able to just add it as a Feature.


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