How to fetch poll responses that is part of a guide using Pendo API?

I have a guide which has a Open text poll step. I can see visitors responses captured in Guide -> Poll response section. However, I was looking to fetch those poll responses using Pendo API from my app. Does Pendo provide an API to read poll responses that are part of a guide?



  • There is not a public API that grabs that particular information.  However, you can create a Visitor report with the latest response by Visitor ID and pull that Visitor Report via API.

    1. Create Segment of Visitors who have responded to your poll
    2. Create Visitor Report targeting your segment and containing Visitor ID (req'd) and Most Recent Poll Response
    3. Use available API endpoints to return the data from this report in an Array or CSV
  • Thank you. Will try this approach. It would have been really convenient if there was something like readGuidePollResponses API

  • Greg Nutt any updates on the ability for the API to grab poll responses? Is there an existing request I can add myself to in order to raise its priority?

  • There is not, to my knowledge (and upon a cursory look).  The process described above is still the recommended approach.


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