Visitor report issues


I'm having issues creating visitor reports, I'm hoping someone can help.

1. In my visitor list, I see many repeated ids. For example ID 1 (which is me). Is this because as a super admin I can be associated with many different accounts? But this doesn't explain why the metrics are different for each record. Shouldn't my first and last visits be the same date no matter what account I was on?

2. I created a report to see inactive users within the last 30 days. I first created a segment where last visit is not within last 30 days. I then created a report that uses that segment. But the report shows visitors with last visit date of today. I would expect last visit to be older than 30 days for those users.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • I found the issue in #1, not sure how to address it yet. We have test environments which don't include prod data, so every new user is id 1, then 2, etc. These are test and qa servers. I need to find a way to exclude (or only include our prod url)

  • Richard Viard here's a video from our academy on id collisions and how to resolve them.

    Resolution starts around the 4:00 mark, but one solution is to have your team update the snippet to pre-pend these visitors with "test-visitor id" or "qa-visitor id" and you can use exclude lists to filter out events from your test/qa sites.

  • Hi Angus Yang,

    Thanks for your reply. I have excluded the QA servers and super admin accounts. This leaves #2 from my original post. Any idea what i could be doing wrong?


  • Richard Viard are you using any other filters outside of last visit not within last 30? Also are you using the account last visit or visitor last visit? (visitor has a 1 person icon vs account has 2 person icon).

    If it's for the visitor and you don't have any other filters, you may want to connect with our support team. (You can open a ticket in our resource center).

  • Angus Yang,

    Thanks for the prompt response. I double-checked that it is the visitors last visit (not account) and no other filters are used. I will follow up with support. Thanks.

  • Angus Yang Does the filter "not within last 30 days" include 'today'?

  • John Meindersee the "Last X Days" only captures days with 24 hours of data so it would not include "Today".


  • Angus Yang Is there a way to, then, exclude visitors whose first visit date isn't "today" or any of the previous 30 days?


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