Numbers in funnel doesn't add up

I am fairly new to pendo, but I already invested some weeks into tagging. Now I want to analyze the user data in funnels and paths, but the numbers doesn't quite make sense.

For example: The users are able to click on an 'Existing project' in our software. This feature is only tagged on the page 'Your projects'. But the funnel shows a different number for the feature 'Existing project' depending on having the step 'Your projects'-page before or not.

Variant A: Existing project (50 Started) --> Network details (21 Advanced)
Variant B: Your projects (72 Started) --> Existing project (38 Started) --> Network details (20 Advanced)

The users have no other choice to click on an 'Existing project', but doing it on the 'Your projects' page. How are these differences between the numbers possible? Maybe I do not understand the Funnel feature correctly?

I'd be super grateful for any help.



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  • Hello G Kruger - it may be tricky to explain the behavior you are seeing without looking directly at your example (in which case, I would recommend opening a Support Case to get one of our Support Engineers to take a look).  But Funnels in Pendo look at all raw events within a time block of the initiating event.  By default, this is set to 60 minutes (set under the Advanced options).

    Example:  A user opens the 'Your Projects' page in a tab and clicks on 'Existing Project'.  If these two events are completed within 60 minutes, then it will appear in the funnel.  If they do not, then it will not.

    In my experience, this happens often with multiple tabs.  Where a user might open a new tab (triggering a page load event), but then not get to that tab for some time.  The good news in this case is that Funnels do not consider events that occur between Step 1 and Step 2.  But the timeout period is started upon that initial Step 1 event.


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