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Is Pendo able to create a notification callout like the one on the Resource Centre button: A notification dot on the top right corner of a button/icon? Example:

We want to discreetly call out an update within an already existing feature and don't want to initiate a full guide for it. (This has nothing to do with the Resource Centre.)



  • I do not know that there is a direct way to augment your own icons on the page, as it appears you're asking for.  But you could produce a badge guide that is conditional (by segmentation) to users who have not clicked on the new feature and have the badge trigger the info guide to describe the new feature.

  • We use a badge guide and it works just like you are asking Sana Kamal, just add this css code to the "step 1" of the guide


    So it hides and never shows up, rendering it just a badge. The only thing it is missing is the number in the middle of the badge. We upload our own PNG icon (like the red dot) as the badge. 



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