As Pendo Admin, receive email of response submitted by visitor

For 'Public' guides, Pendo Admin would like to receive email notification when a user submits response to any poll question.



  • We do not have any OOTB Email functionality that allows for this to be set up.  However, this is a great example use case for utilizing our Webhooks data integration.  With this tool, you can set up a listener within Pendo to send a message to an external tool when something happens; for example, when a Visitor submits a Poll Response.

  • Understood. Thank you Greg.
    Notifications via Email would be super useful feature though.

  • Thank you for the feedback Hitesh.  This is the perfect idea to share in our Pendo Feedback tool through the Resource Center inside of Pendo.  In fact, I do see there is a current request titled "Enhancement request: send email when a user submits a poll response" (#3842) that seems to share this desired sentiment.  You can add yourself to this request to receive updates if there is any movement on this feature in the future.

  • Greg Nutt Where can I find this request?

  • Within our Resource Center, in the bottom-right of the Pendo UI, you can launch our Feedback portal via the "Share your Feedback" widget.  You can search for this request within our Feedback Portal.

    Alternatively, if you start typing in the title of the Feedback request above, it should be provided as an alternative (one of our ways to try and reduce duplication).


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