Is there a way to send Guide Poll data from 1 Pendo Sub to another Sub?

We are trying to consolidate Pendo Guide Poll data from multiple Pendo subscriptions into 1 Pendo subscription so that team can analyze insights from a single source while still using Pendo app. 



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  • I'd guess this could work if you created a custom User field in the destination sub (like pollResponse1) and mapped in the responses using postman.

    API call would be


    URL:[Visitor ID]/[pollResponse Field Name] 


      "type": "[Poll Response Text for that visitor]"


      "content-type": "application/json",
      "x-pendo-integration-key": "your generated api key from the settings"

    So you could either 1) create the custom field and then just fill in the responses 1 by 1, 2) create the custom field then run the api call once to update them all 3) create the custom field, run the api call to update them all, then set the api call to run once a day or once a week to update new responses. We do something similar for custom fields that works very nicely. 



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