customized guides for customized features

I'm setting up Pendo guides for a customized software. Which means some users see features other users don't. Can I make some guides show when certain features exist and hide them when they're hidden???
I need something else other than 'segments' because we have lots of customizable features




  • This is one of the handy tricks with targeting your initial guide step (Step 1) to an element on the page.  The guide step can be located on the page anywhere you need (i.e. not just 'relative to element'), but this association will prevent Pendo from launching the guide if the element is not present when the user hits the page.

  • Since that won't work, is there a way to create a Segment then based on a user having access to a feature that may not be on the screen.  How can I check to see if the customer has a module actually licensed if the link to it is not on the page.


  • If there is metadata you know about a user or account from some external system, such as Salesforce, then you could pass that information to Pendo as Visitor or Account Metadata and then build segments off of this detail.  Most often, this data can be passed through the snippet that is used to initialize Pendo on your application.  However, there are integrations (such as Salesforce or Segment) and API endpoints that can pass this information directly to Pendo as well.

  • Hi Charles, why won't the element launch suggested work? We also create segments that are "if user has ever seen the feature" since as soon as they see it the first time or visit the page it should appear, but it also may need to wait for a refresh and would only appear on the second view. But we always target the guide to the feature even if its centered on the page. Or if there are license texts with feature flags you can pull in in your snippet you can use that in segmenting too without further integrations. 


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