Naming of Pendo Segments for Customers, Partners, etc.

Is there some best in-class approach for naming of segments around (individual) customers, partners, etc.  I can see our usage of segments exploding in the coming year into hundreds or 1k+. 

Thus, is there a good standard/best practices the Pendo Community is using around naming customers with something like a "C - [CUSTOMER NAME]" or "P - [PARTNER NAME]" or other things to think about as we expand.   Just wondering how to infuse the best practices from the start and encourage adoption of the segments defined?





  • You might not need a segment for every account if you're only going to use them to look at data -- you can filter most pages in Pendo with the Accounts dropdown. Otherwise, we commonly segment based on usertype or role, and encourage other Pendo users to be descriptive and start with broadest to most specific information in a segment title. For example: Institution Users K12 US (user type, market, region).

  • We have done just this with our customers for key accounts. Our naming convention may be a bit too long :) but this has really helped us understand usage, target guides, etc for a group of sub-accounts, which rolls up to a larger Account numbers in our company.  We also do something with our CX teams where they have segments, with several customers, in a segment to monitor. 

    Here are some examples of how we structured our naming conventions:  

    Customer |  Name

    Region | APAC; EMEA; 

    CX | Gold touch accounts; "Tina's key accounts"; i.e. includes several account numbers

    CX  or Sales | Q3 onboarded; New accounts

    Sales | At risk; recently churned

    Activity | Power users; in-active accts/users

    Also, wanted to share that as we onboarded different teams, we set a "rule" that you don't share your segments with Everyone unless another person would find it beneficial.  This has worked well to an extent but also I've had to do some cleanup quarterly for expired or retired segments. The type-ahead on the filter/segment options is really helpful when the list gets huge and a consistent naming convention like you are thinking about will make this MUCH easier to navigate even with a lot of segments.