What happens when your reach your contracted Monthly Active Users (MAU)

I am planning to renew Pendo and need the right number of MAU to negotiate the contract. What I can see in Settings and Users page is that the number of current MAU is equal to the number of Contracted MAU. I started to notice that some of the new accounts do not get any usage data, is that because we reached our limit? 

If so, is there a way to see what is my actual number of MAU, I mean, what it would be if we did not reach the limit?




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    Hey, Sergey - hopefully, you found the information you were looking for, but this video should help guide you through where to find your MAUs. 

  • Hi Erica Akroyd - The link to the video in your comment above is broken. Can you provide a new link? I am looking for information on MAUs.  Thanks!!

  • Hi, Matt Adlai-Gail - thank you! Try now. If it doesn't work, maybe the EU link would work better (if you're in our EU domain).