Multi-question poll and data analysis options


I am looking to implement a short product satisfaction (PSAT) survey on various webpages across our product offerings. I have two main questions:

  1. Can I create a survey/poll with multiple questions (i.e., 2-3), including an open-ended response question?
  2. What data analysis options are there via Pendo? How do they compare to something like Qualtrics?


  • You can do all of this within the Pendo core product of Insights & Guidance/Engage :) no Feedback product needed. We do this frequently and you can include single-choice options, open text, ratings/numbers, and more. You can also use custom code from the Pendo github to make adjustments like making questions required, making single-choice multi-choice, etc.

    Data analysis would be being able to build segments based on responses (or lack thereof) and then displaying guides or looking at page and feature use by those segments. If you use integrations you could also push the responses into your other systems. Hope this helps!

  • Thank you! One follow up: would data analysis include simple average calculations of scores? We'd want to be able to track PSAT across time. 

  • Yep! You can see aggregate over time as well as for specific timeframes and for specific segments.