No login program - how do we increase reactivation rates?

Product usage doesn’t tell the whole story, but NO usage says a lot. No logins = no value.

We’ve been experimenting with ways to reactivate customers who have had no logins in over 30 days. A simple change to our email CTA increased login rates from 17% to 27%. We are now up to 31% - good... but we want GREAT.

Hoping to crowdsource some ideas… has anyone done a similar program and seen success?

(screenshot of email below)



  • Do y'all target the emails with specific use cases you know the account hasn't done yet that correspond to your core events? Maybe making them slightly more relevant and based on "we can see you haven't tried this awesome thing yet, here's why you should" would increase it even more? And could be a win-win by helping validate which of your core events are most impactful on retention and adoption.

  • We do something similar with "feature intervention" but they're in-app guides (not emails). I do like the idea of being more prescriptive is someone isn't logging in like, "You told us you wanted to do x... what happened?" I could see us doing that at the user-level (vs. account). Thanks, Liz! You've given us a lot to think about!