tagging multiple URLs on the same page

Hello, I have a page that has two completely different paths after the domain. Here is the scenario:

1. When you first access the page, the URL is:  //*/one?eventId;isTrue;srcpage=event

2. If you navigate away from the page within the same eventID, then you return to the page, the URL is: //*/two

I tried adding both the URLs as rules for one page, but when I preview my guide, it doesn't recognize the second rule.

What should I do to display the guide on both URL versions?




  • Did you try using the Test Rule feature on your "two" rule above? You should be able to copy and paste a real URL from your application to see if the rule you created will match it or not. If it doesn't match, I'd suggest trying to add "**" to the end so it reads "//*/two**"

    Here's some documentation about how you can adjust the page tagging rules: https://support.pendo.io/hc/en-us/articles/360032293371-URLs-for-Page-tagging