Utilize guides objects in the front end

I have been tasked with implementing a custom resource center, because my company would like the same place to have everything Pendo related as well as some other features.

The means that I must use the `window.pendo.guides` objects to construct my own layout.

It's all good until I get lost. These objects have loads of functions and very little in terms of usable data, which begs the question: where does the built-in resource center get the data?

In the resource center, every guide has a name, a subtitle, and maybe an action (like zendesk).

But neither this title nor the subtitle appear in the corresponding guide object. There is a `name` attribute but for this guide it's "Onboarding Module", not "Onboarding".

Obviously the resource center takes its data from someplace else. I'd like to have access to this place.