Separate Opt-in and integration for Guides and Analytics

Hi, is there a way to separate opt-in / opt-out for Pendo Guides and Analytics? If I have users that do not wish to be tracked and to share their analytics but still want to use in product guides, onboarding, updates, surveys ... how can I do this in Pendo? Consider that in the same web application, some users might want to enable both. While none and all is easy, we simply enable / disable the script, the mixed opt-in is what we do not know how to do.



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    Hi Harun,

    Pendo in-app guides require a visitor Id. This is required for serving the guide (eligible visitors) as well as tracking the users interactions with it. If there is a visitor Id then by default there is data about the user represented by it. Therefore, it is not currently possible to both serve a guide to a user and to not track that same user.

    There are likely data privacy concerns behind this request. For example, if the user were anonymous (i.e. unable to tie the human user to the visitor profile in Pendo) would that be OK? If yes, Pendo provides way to prevent data collection depending on your specific needs. Please reach out to Pendo Support if this is your use case.

  • I faced this same problem, and while I did not find a way to completely turn off analytics while still allowing guides to work (for exactly the reason noted in the official comment above), I did find a way to at least turn off tracking of user activity within our app by using the analytics.excludeEvents option in our snippet. This option allows you to exclude the following events: identify, meta, load, click, focus, submit, change, track. We left the identify and meta events, and excluded the load, click, focus, submit, change, and track. With this in place, it appears that we can still present guides and control who sees them, but all we see about user activity is that they logged in, and not what they did within the application.

    We included this in the initialization section without our snippet so that the user interactions are excluded:
    "analytics": {
            "excludeEvents": [