How to get a response for a support ticket?

I am a new Pendo user and had to submit a support ticket about questions my team had on missing Pendo data. It has been a few weeks and the ticket has not been touched. I called their support line and left a message asking if there was an update as well as added a new comment on the ticket asking the same thing. Has anyone here had issues with the response time of a support ticket? Does Pendo simply have a large volume of tickets and this is a standard time to wait for a response? Appreciate any insights or feedback!



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    Hi Ethan Borsook and Erin - I really appreciate your feedback about our Support response times and follow-up. Transparently, we are experiencing a higher than normal volume-to-Support Engineer ratio. The resulting backlog is absolutely contributing to your experience, and it is something we are working incredibly hard to address through many avenues - documentation and hiring being just a few. It is incredibly meaningful to hear this direct feedback from you, it helps to highlight that speedy communication and resolution through Support is an important part of the experience of Pendo.

    Additionally, users on the Free and Starter plan do not have access to Technical Support at this time and are encouraged to utilized the self-support resources available to them to find answers to their questions. 

    If you haven't heard back before EOW, please reach out to me directly so I can get your tickets escalated.

  • Waiting 8 days so far for them to respond to both tickets and direct emails. Unbelievable.