NPS - How can I set up steps to only show based on the score they provide?

We would like to customize the feedback question based on the score the user gives. I know we can do this with the first step but we would like to remove the feedback box on the first step and instead present another step with multiple choice questions and a feedback box based on the score that they give. 

I found this but no other additional information:

Can I add a follow-up question to my survey?
Yes. Click Manage in my App to open the survey in the Visual Design Studio. From there you can add additional Guide Steps with their own Poll Building Blocks. If you don’t want to serve the follow-up question with the NPS survey, you can create a Segment based on the NPS survey response or non-response and target the follow-up Guide to that Segment.

How can I do this? Is my question possible?



  • Team, do we have any update on the above clarification/feature? Personalizing the follow-up question (with options instead of a blank text area) after a user provides the NPS score is a best practice and definitely helps in eliciting valuable qualitative feedback.

    Please confirm if there's a workaround in case the feature is not available out of the box. 

  • Any news for this guys?

  • They just said no. No work around provided.