Hide the Resource Center Capsule for certain pages?

Hi all,

Is it possible to hide only the Resource Center capsule based on the page URL? We provide whitelabel apps and there are certain clients that don't want the capsule in-app. 

It seems when we try to hide the Resource Center, the guides/tooltips will also be suppressed. Is it possible to only hide the Resource Center capsule? 

Thank you.



  • I also have this question

  • To hide the Resource Center Capsule for certain pages on a website, you can follow these general steps:

    1. Identify the specific pages where you want to hide the Resource Center Capsule.

    2. Determine the method of hiding the capsule based on your website's technology stack. Here are a few common approaches:

       - CSS: You can use CSS to Drift Boss the capsule by targeting its specific class or ID and setting the `display` property to `none`. For example:
         .resource-center-capsule {
             display: none;

       - JavaScript: You can use JavaScript to manipulate the capsule element and hide it. This can be done by selecting the capsule element using its class or ID and modifying its style or adding a CSS class with `display: none`. Here's an example using jQuery:
         $(document).ready(function() {

       - Server-side code: If your website is generated dynamically, you can modify the server-side code to conditionally exclude the capsule from the specific pages. The exact implementation will depend on your server-side technology.

    3. Implement the hiding logic on the specific pages where you want to hide the capsule. This typically involves adding the appropriate CSS or JavaScript code to the relevant HTML files or templates.

    4. Test the changes to ensure that the Resource Center Capsule is successfully hidden on the specified pages.

    Remember to consider the implications of hiding the capsule, such as its impact on user experience and navigation. It's also important to document any changes you make for future reference and maintenance.