Feature tagging - same feature on specific pages

I am looking to create a feature tag for a button that is on multiple pages without tracking it on all pages. This button has two use cases, and they each have start points on multiple pages in our product. I want to tag the button on each page, and then I want to merge features from one use case, and features from another use case into two separate tags. When I started attempting this I found that merged features on separate pages trigger the feature to be listed as sitewide. Am I doing something wrong, or is this not functionality that exists yet?



  • From a tagging perspective, I would try to find out if there is some unique class or ID per page that I can use to help ensure I'm only targeting a button on one page and not another. For example, if my homepage had a unique ID of "#home" on a div that is a parent element of the button I want to tag, I can adjust a feature tag rule to include this unique ID/class. An updated rule for a homepage button use case may look like this "#home <button class here>."

    I would then use the same approach and add a new feature tag for the same button on each page. Ex. use "#pagetwo <button class here>" to only track clicks on this button from page two.

    This should give you multiple feature tags so you can unique track and report on them separately. Hopefully this helps