Finding Untagged URLs and tagging them

While working in Paths, we saw there were many "untagged" URLs within a user journey. We were instructed in training that we should look to tag these so that we have a better picture of the user journeys. When I click to see the untagged URLs, Im presented with a list that I can download, but there's no options to actually go back and tag these URLs in some way. When I open the downloaded file with the links and click on a link, some of them give 404 errors. I've searched in the trainings, but don't see anywhere on how to tag these untagged URLs. Is there a different permission setting or view that maybe I'm not seeing? 



  • Hi, Christine Ierano-

    You can find Untagged URLs by going to Pages > Untagged URLs tab. 

    I hope this helps!

  • Erica Akroyd I don't have an option under Pages for Untagged URLs tab. Is that a permissions based setting? 

  • Ah, you're in Adopt. Apologies! Here's an article on Page Tagging in Adopt. To turn on Suggested Pages (if you're an Admin - if not, have an Admin follow these instructions), go to Settings > Subscription Settings > App Details and check the "Pendo Suggested Pages" box. Then refresh the page and everyone in the subscription will see Suggested Pages. 

    To turn off Suggested Pages at the individual account level, go to Settings > User Profile to disable.