Guide - can't figure out a variable URL

I created a guide on a specific URL (namely The full URL has a variable (includes the search term). I'd like to have the full URL excluding the search term so it will appear for any search.

In other words, the full URL is

but I want to make it so the URL can be anything after "elastic-search"


I go into the first step and edit it, go to location, page location, and tag page, go to custom URL, and try the following: //*#!/elastic-search**

Note it defaults //*#!/elastic-search (that was the URL I originally created the guides with). It throws a "Page rule does not match the URL." error message and won't let me continue.

Note if I try to create a new guide with**

it takes me to my website but gives me a 404...




  • Did you try the Rule Builder when tagging the page to ignore the parts you want? We tagged our search pages and the rules ended up including the ?.

  • Thanks for the response Liz!

    I was able to figure it out using the rule builder. I had originally created a guide where I chopped down the URL manually to try and get it to work without the variable component (used the URL ""), and when I went back to the guide and tried to edit the URL via the rule builder it didn't have the 3rd component to the URL (the variable part). I created a new guide with the full URL "" and the rule builder had 3 parts - the URL, the "elastic_search" and the variable part "query=apple". I was able to set the rule to ignore the 3rd part (the variable) and it worked!

    Thanks Liz!