I removed a user (to resend an admin invite) and now they show as No Account ID. How can I fix this?

Fairly straightforward issue, but I can't figure out how to get this user's data to start flowing again. 
He signed up after the second invite I sent, but still shows as No Account ID in the People > Account menu.

Any ideas?



  • We have this I think because Pendo is initializing somewhere that the user is not yet affiliated with an account, like a landing page where they select which one or a login page. Could that be it?

  • Our site requires a login, so all users have an Account ID... it's as if the user has been excluded but is not explicitly listed in the exclusion tables.

    It happened (the empty row above) the instant I removed him and readded him to resend the Admin invitation. I assumed when he logged in again (which he has to both Pendo and our site) it would reconstitute his data, but it has not and it's been over a week.

    Anyone have any other ideas? This might be a dealbreaker for this product, unfortunately.

  • when they're logged in have them run pendo.validateInstall() in the console for (right click > Inspect > click Console) and see what turns up. Then you'll also have their visitor ID to look them up and see what's up in the visitor data. I'd also recommend making use of the raw events logging in your Subscription Settings if you can be online at the same time as them while they're clicking around.

    We haven't run into this when inviting someone into Pendo as a user, only when they are logging in to our product.

  • I'll try that, thank you.