Ask: How do you reduce noise when sharing Product Updates?

We have a large number of new features that go out in every release (20+).  We obviously don't want to surface a guide for each, and our resource center is not super discoverable (Product Design is against a badge). 

Any one have best practices or styles of guide they've found effective when showcasing a few features in 1? 



  • Hi Katie - Our product team often uses the "new" tooltip badge connected to a target element to avoid new feature spamming.  See the images below:

  • To piggyback on Austin's suggestion, you could have the first step of the guide list the new features and then have the buttons be "Got it" and "Show me" where when they click "Show me", it goes to a new step in the Guide showing that feature and the next, etc. You could also place the "New" tooltip in multiple places (pages) of your app where changes have been made.

  • Thank you, both! We recently got badges for Beta & New so trying those out this release.  

    I like the idea of a list of all, but I struggle with the various places the updates exist (across the platform) and the experience of just viewing a list.  Has anyone had success with coding a carousel like experience that they could share?