Is there a way to track a progress bar?

I have a step/paginated form page tagged. Right now I have the submit/next buttons tagged but there is no way to differentiate them between each step so all the data is the same. 

I ended up tagging the progress bar as a feature and to grab dataset info via the event properties but I am unable to get data. Does it not work because it's not an element that people actually interact with?



  • Hi, Amy. You may have to do some experimenting depending on how the form is set up. If the URL changes, you could tag the different URLs as different pages. If the URL doesn't change, is there something on the page that indicates progress, like a % complete? If so, you may be able to tag that element using the :contains keyword--ex. .label:contains('25%')--and then based on the number of visitors that saw that feature, you'd know they made it that far in the form (More info here). Or if you have access to the code for the form, you could add a Pendo Track Event that sends an event to Pendo on each step that's progressed on the form. Hope some of those ideas help!

  • Each step of a Pendo guide has a unique ID to identify it and all elements inside it (text, buttons, etc). You should be able to identify each Submit/Next button once you find the step ID in the HTML of the page.

    To find the step ID:

    - open the guide step in the webpage/designer

    - launch the developer tools so you can see the HTML of the page (right click on the guide and "Inspect element")

    - search the HTML for the text "_pendo-step-container-size"

    - on the same div, you should see an ID that starts with "pendo-g-..." This is the unique step ID. Copy this.


    To tag one of the Submit/Next buttons on a step:

    - Tag any random element of your application, naming it whatever you want and saving

    - Go into your list of Features in the Pendo UI (Pendo -> Product -> Features) and find the feature you just tagged

    - You may need to wait for the feature tagging to fully process before doing the next step (may take up to an hour)

    - Click "Add Rule" and enter "#<your guide step id here> button:contains('Submit')" if you want to tag the Submit button. The text inside the contains section will be whatever text is authored on the button (Next, Previous, etc).

    - Delete the other feature rule once you have the new one created & rename your feature as you see fit by clicking on the "Name" field above (ex. "Guide ABC - Step 1 - Submit")

    - You should now be able to distinguish how many clicks have been made on the Submit button of that single step of your guide.

    - Repeat the steps above for each step of your guide and create a single feature for each element you'd like to track. If your guide has 3 steps that each have a Submit and Next button, you would have a total of 6 features.

    Good luck!