403 Forbidden Error when accessing Engage API via Postman

I have followed the instructions in the Engage API developer guide to test an API connection through Postman. However, every request I send returns a 403 forbidden status code. I am using an integration key that has write access (I'm also an admin), and I have ensured that the baseURL is configured correctly. Could you please advise me on any additional troubleshooting steps I should take?



  • I'm running into the exact same problem.

  • Did you get a response to this? same issue here. 

  • Our Pendo contact told us to create a support ticket from our Pendo account. I have a ticket open and a technical success engineer investigating now. You would probably have better luck going that route than posting here.

  • I figured out the issue, so am posting the solution that I found worked for me in case anyone looks for the answer in the future.

    1. Remove the pendo integration key as a parameter in the headers section by unchecking the box

    2. In the authorization section change it to API Key and enter x-pendo-integration-key as the key and your integration key as the value.