Error message as a tagged feature


For one of our enrollment form, we are currently tracking how many people get to the next step (anonymous to known) via submit button click. The issue with that is that it is not always accurate because they may run into an issue, the page would reload with and error message and therefore, they would need to fix the error and then click submit again, making that 2 clicks vs 1. 

I tagged the "error" message as a feature with the event properties displaying the innertext. 

My question is, how exactly do I use this now when creating a report? Ideally, I would get the # of times the message displays and subtract it from the number of clicks on the enrollment form. 



  • Hi, Amy Ling - check out this article on Event Properties.

    Hope this helps!

  • Erica Akroyd So based on what I want to do, it has to be a tracked event is what I'm taking? Or would I be able to use the click "Submit" button feature and track the progress bar as the UI element? 

  • You can report on Track Event properties in Data Explorer by Selecting the Submit button as one of the sources, then filtering by the specific event property.