I'd like to bulk delete features as the rules aren't accurately tagging anymore

Hi guys - we have a few hundred features which were originally tagged using rules that are unreliable. I'd like to bulk delete them, but i can only see a way of deleting one by one. Does anyone have a solution?




  • Similar issue, we have hundreds of tagged features that no longer work. Individually deleting them seems unreasonable.

  • There seems to be no feature for this in Pendo. But you can kind-of hack it if you have the skill.

    1] You can open browser console when listing features and capture the internal API response that lists all of them with their IDs. It is a JSON file.  (careful as not all the filters you see in the UI are applied to this). Save this json file. Filter it additionally and transform to CSV with FeatureID per line.
    2] delete a feature and capture the API request in the console as well. You'll notice that the URL of this API request ends with the feature ID.

    3] Use e.g. Postman to bulk-run delete API requests. In Postman you can use a variable for the Feature ID + the CSV as a source file. Note that you probably have to be quick or your user session still authenticated. (I don't know for sure, I just did this very fast).

    This way the Postman runner deletes features one by one, about 300ms per one delete so you may have to wait a bit for this to finish.