How to build a report that shows application usage by hour

I am looking to build a report to show in my dashboard that shows for the past 30 days, which hours of the day had the highest usage?


I would like the X axis to be 1-23 (for each our of the day) and the Y axis to show (either the average or cumulative) how many events took place in that time period (going back the last X days)


I can't seem to figure out how to make this report



  • As far as I'm aware, Pendo doesn't allow you to break down data by the hour except for when you are using the data explorer for a single day's worth of reporting, say "today" or "yesterday" or any other single day date range.
    But, the other elements of your request I believe are present in the chart below (made through the data explorer). This chart shows the total feature clicks, by hour, for a set of 5 features I selected to report on. I'm not sure you could do it for ALL features, though you may be able to, you'd have to play around with it.

  • This is a feature that we're also looking to be able to utilize -- being able to see, on average, how many users are interacting with our site on an hourly basis across a larger range than 24 hours would be extremely beneficial!