Request to provide Privacy Manifest file for pendo iOS SDK

We are consuming the Pendo SDK in our App. As mentioned in the WWDC23 As per Privacy manifest files | Apple Developer Documentation, if we are using any third-party library, then SDK should contain a Privacy Manifest. But currently, for Pendo SDK, the file is missing. So can you please add the Privacy Manifest file ?




  • Started using Pendo on latest iOS SDK 3.1.1 and there is still no privacy manifest bundled in SDK.

    Starting May 1 this file is required for apps and 3rd Party SDK that fall under certain types of data usage and API access. For Pendo it appears access to UserDefaults according to the Apple email we received after releasing a distribution build on Test Flight.

    Can you please provide an updated iOS SDK that contains your privacy manifest. This link is a good reference as well as the one posted in this thread.