Data is not showing up in pendo

Hello! I've just recently installed the pendo script via google tag manager and I can see it making requests back to pendo, but I'm not seeing any data in pendo and its been over 24 hours.What should I be checking ? Without it I can't create guides or do anything. I'm on the free tier right now, just trying to test it to see if it will be a good fit for us



  • Can you verify that Pendo was indeed installed? See this link to verify that your Pendo has been initialized properly.

    Also make sure that you are passing the correct API Key which can be found under Settings | Subscription Settings | Application | App Details. There is also a badge information that states whether the key is installed and running.




  • I have a related issue. We created 2 app for 2 domains. One app was working fine and when I add the second app, I verified raw data is coming and the app name is tracked correctly. But in dashboard when I filter by the new app, no data show. What can I do?