Merging features best practices

Hello! Our team is working on refreshing our core events. We have 10 essential workflows we wanted to call out in our core events. However, with a lot of these core workflows there can be several different buttons in different parts of the system that accomplish the same workflow. We want to be able to capture these clicks in our core events. With some of the features we have been using the "merge features" option so that we can merge two buttons into one feature. However, what is the best practice when merging features if you want to merge more than 2 features? Take a merged feature and merge it with a 3rd and so on? Also, when creating a merged feature is it best practice to delete the individually tagged button features or is it ok to also keep features of the buttons tagged seperately? What about if the features you want to merge are on different pages? Is that ok or is merging features better for features that all live on the same page? 



  • In theory (in my head) your core event is the successful completion of a workflow, not every step along the way -- and then you use funnels or paths or other reports to understand the successful ways users accomplish your core event. You can add as many rules as you want to features (or pages) and also keep them separate, and in pages you can use a parameter to more easily understand the breakdown of values a user may have in their URL, but in our experience we don't merge features unless we absolutely have to because it affects other metrics as well like dashboard widgets, the Features table, etc.